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SIGAR Finds Only 15% Of Qaysar-Laman Road Complete After 12 Years

23june23 June, 2018: In a special report SIGAR says the project has already cost $249 million and only a short section of the road has been complete.

Fighting Corruption A ‘Precondition’ For Foreign Aid

05novemberNovember 05, 2017: The US’s deputy chief of mission said at a meeting that the Taliban is using corruption for their own gains and that it is undermining the peace process.

The Morning Risk Report: Afghanistan’s Uphill Corruption Battle

june 11June 12, 2018: Afghanistan’s government is working to combat corruption but a U.S. auditor’s report questions whether the country can maintain the effort.

EU may halt corruption-stricken programs in Afghanistan: envoy

11novemberNovember 11, 2017: The European Union will possibly discontinue its aid programs in Afghanistan if it finds corruption in them, its envoy said.

Findings of MEC’s MVCA Discussed with Students

ParwanMay 14, 2018: Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evalution Committee (MEC) discussed findings of its Ministry-wide Vulnerability Corruption (MVCA) of the Ministry of Education with students of Danish University in Parwan.

Parliament Probe Team Orders Ibrahimi To Repay 5 million AFs

04novemberNovember 04, 2017:Fact-finding team has reffered the case of the first secretary of parliament to the AGO and ordered the first speaker to repay millions of AFs.

The fact-finding team assigned to probe the corruption allegations against parliament speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi and parliament's first secretary Khodai Nazar Nusrat shared its findings in parliament’s session on Saturday.


UNAMAMay 15, 2018: KABUL - Adopting a new anti-corruption strategy and implementing several initiatives in a broad anti-corruption agenda demonstrate Afghanistan’s commitment to countering corruption, finds a new United Nations report released today.

MEC’s Assessment of Corruption in 2017

positivenegativeCuriously, 2017 was the year of increased corruption as well as anti-corruption activities in Afghanistan. Here, we have looked at some positive and negative highlights of the year.

Remarks by MEC Committee Chair Mr. Matthew Murray at the EU Anti-Corruption Conference

Matthew 1April 24, 2018, Kabul, Afghanistan: 
It is my honor to participate on this Panel today as the Chairman of the MEC and to join this esteemed audience and group of experts for the fourth annual EU conference on corruption in Afghanistan.

Ex-agriculture official gets sent to jail for 5 years

17aprilApril 17, 2018: KABUL (Pajhwok): The Anti-Corruption Criminal Justice Center (ACJC)’s primary court in on Monday sentenced a former agriculture development fund employee to five years in jail with a 28 million afghanis fine over forgery.

RS Launches Anti-Corruption Symposium In Herat

October 15

Date: 15 OCTOBER, 2017. The symposium was launched to share the experiences of government’s institutions in the fight against endemic corruption in public offices.

NATO’s Resolute Support (RS) mission in Afghanistan launched an anti-corruption symposium in Herat province on Friday.

Four Billion USD Spent on ‘Inefficient’ Power Projects since Last Decade: IWA

april7April 07, 2018: The Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) new findings indicate that since last decade, as many as four billion USD has been spent on “inefficient and unstable” electricity projects in Afghanistan.

ACJC Slaps Travel Ban On Dozens Of Officials Accused Of Graft

october02  Date: 27 SEPTEMBER 2017. The majority of these cases are of officials linked to the national unity government, said the AGO. However the identities of the officials have not been disclosed.

According to the ACJC 75 officials have had travel bans imposed against them while 40 of them have been suspended pending investigations. Officials from the Anti-Corruption Criminal Justice Center (ACJC) on Wednesday announced that the anti-corruption body has slapped travel bans on dozens of government officials suspected of being involved in corruption.

EU Launches Anti-Graft Drive in Afghanistan

april2April 02, 2018: KABUL - The EU Delegation on Sunday announced launching its 2018 anti-corruption campaign in Afghanistan.

Speaker of Wolesi Jirga Rejects Corruption Allegations

oct2 02Date: 27 SEPTEMBER 2017. This comes two weeks after TOLOnews revealed that over the past five years, more than 50 million Afs has been spent on rent for a house and office for Ibrahimi.

Speaker of Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi has rejected allegations of corruption, saying he has never done anything that could tarnish the image of parliament.

Mafia groups within MoI pocket privileges of deceased soldiers

march31March 31, 2018: KABUL (Pajhwok): Some ‘mafia’ circles in the Ministry of Interior (MoI) recruit teenage boys in police ranks by forging documents and after they get killed within a short period of their job due to no combat experience, the mafia then pockets privileges in the deceased’s name, Pajhwok Afghan News has learnt.

IEC Site Chief Resigns Amid Graft Allegations


17th September 2017:  Sources from the IEC said Qalamyar’s case will be sent to the Attorney General’s Office for further investigation.

A Site Operations Chief for the Independent Election Commission (IEC) Qalamyar, on Sunday told TOLOnews that he has resigned from his post and called for a full investigation into the allegations lodged against him.

Ghani seeks accountability, transparency from NGOs

march11March 02, 2018: KABUL (Pajhwok): President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday stressed the need for making non-governmental organizations or NGOs accountable and sustainability and transparency in resources they spent.

Govt Set to Announce New Anti-Corruption Strategy

news18sep414 SEPTEMBER 2017: According to ARG, the views of civil society institutions and international stakeholders have been taken into consideration in drawing up the strategy.

Corruption at 13,000 feet: Afghanistan struggles to maintain a treacherous mountain trade route


January 23, 2018: SALANG PASS, Afghanistan — The road that traverses this lofty mountain pass is the only direct route between Kabul and Afghanistan’s northern provinces. Since the age of Alexander the Great, it also has been the main trade route between South and Central Asia.

IW urges MoPH to address health facilities related issues

news18sep3Sep 16, 2017: The Integrity Watch (IW) called on the leadership of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and the National Unity Government (NUG) to address the shortcomings that were identified by the “Life Matters: Caring for the Country’s Most Precious Resource” report launched by Integrity Watch last month, according to a statement on Saturday.

Interior Minister Vows More Reforms, Anti-Corruption Efforts

13januaryJanuary 13, 2018: Interior minister said they continue their anti-corruption efforts and won’t let anyone to interfere in recruitment process.

Special Court Soon to Begin Dealing with Land Grabbing Issues: Presidency

news18sep2September 12, 2017: A special court soon will begin addressing the land grabbing issues in the country, following a new anti-corruption strategy which due to be finalized within next week, the Presidential Palace (ARG) said Tuesday.

Ghani Says MoI Hiring Will No Longer Be Relationship-Based

09januaryJanuary 09, 2018: The president said the police will be responsible for ensuring the safety and security around the upcoming elections.

Graft alleged in education, population census depts

news18sep1Sep 12, 2017: UNDUZ CITY (Pajhwok): Some youth in northern Kunduz province have accused the departments of education and population census of massive corruption, saying posts of teachers and principles are being sold.

Document Shows MPs Want Privileges Doubled

06januaryJanuary 06, 2018: he request was made in a letter to the demonstrative board of the Wolesi Jirga but it has not been processed and approved so far.

Procurement Law Does Not Meet Needs of Energy Projects: Osmani

aug2017 4Aug 8, 2017: Afghanistan loses 175 cubic meters of water monthly due to constant delays in the construction of Kamal Khan dam.
The procurement law does not meet the requirements of mega energy projects in the country and causes major challenges for investment in Afghanistan, the Minister of water and energy Ali Ahmad Osmani said on Tuesday.

Nangarhar officials unwilling to register assets

26decemberDecember 26, 2017:JALALABAD (Pajhwok): Government officials are reluctant to register their assets in eastern Nangarhar province where around 90 complains have been registered about administrative corruption, anti-corruption officials said on Tuesday.

Corruption Impedes Afghan Forces’ Successes: Ghani

aug2017 309 AUGUST 2017: President Ashraf Ghani said at a conference that he will reduce his role in appointments within security agencies.
Corruption in general has hampered successes of the missions of the Afghan security forces in their fight against insurgents, says President Ashraf Ghani.

Govt Will Not Tolerate Any Interference in Judicial System: Ghani

12novemberNovember 12, 2017: Addressing the attorney’s forum in Kabul, the president said maintaining justice will also help boost efforts for sustainable peace in the country.

Four Jailed Over Corruption Charges

aug2017 206 AUGUST 2017: Defense lawyers claimed the case against some defendants was a conspiracy and said the court verdict was unlawful.
A primary court of the Anti-Corruption Criminal Justice Center (ACJC) on Sunday sentenced five individuals, including Hayatullah Dayani, the former CEO of Pashtany Bank (PB) to five-year jail terms and ordered the repayment of a 100 million Afs of stolen money.

Only Slogans not Enough to Fight Graft: Samar

09novemberNovember 09, 2017: KABUL - Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) head Sima Samar on Wednesday said corruption challenged peace and stability in the country and the phenomenon needed practical action to be curbed.

Watchdog Warns Of More Ghost Soldiers In Security Forces

aug2017 121 JANUARY 2017: Resolute Support said the Pentagon has stopped salaries of 30,000 ghost soldiers in the Afghan National Army. Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) on Saturday said the number of ghost soldiers in security departments is more than what Resolute Support (RS) has reported.

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