Four Billion USD Spent on ‘Inefficient’ Power Projects since Last Decade: IWA

april7April 07, 2018: The Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) new findings indicate that since last decade, as many as four billion USD has been spent on “inefficient and unstable” electricity projects in Afghanistan.

According to IWA, the large part of this amount has been consumed by the international forces in power sector but despite that, all of the electricity projects have been failed to make a significant contribution for sustainable electricity production in Afghanistan.

The details of the findings have not been publically revealed yet but the consumption of $4 billion sums on “inefficient” projects was said to be the major part of the assessment.

“Most part of the problem in consumption of these $4 billion has been the unstable policy options being used by the government including electricity production via generators and electricity imports from neighboring countries,” said Naser Temory a researcher for IWA.

According to IWA, the government should have built water dams with that amount to generate electricity in the country that heavily relies on imports from neighboring countries.

The Head of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat Amanullah Ghalib said that the government was not overseeing or have interference in the implementation process of electricity projects by the foreign troops in Afghanistan.

Source: Ariana News