Findings of MEC’s MVCA Discussed with Students

ParwanMay 14, 2018: Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evalution Committee (MEC) discussed findings of its Ministry-wide Vulnerability Corruption (MVCA) of the Ministry of Education with students of Danish University in Parwan.

During the January Committee Mission, the MEC Committee recommended that the MEC Outreach program should be revised and a detailed work plan for each quarter needs to be prepared for approval of the Committee. Based on the approved work plan of this quarter, the Communications Department conducted its first outreach event of the quarter in Parwan.

Through an interactive information sharing session, in addition to presenting the MEC’s structure and activities, finding of its MVCA of the Ministry of Education was shared with up to 200 students, lecturers and university staff.

Head of MEC Communications Mr. Modaser Islami told the participants that “as part of its outreach program, MEC reach out to various target groups, including students, to inform them about our activities and recent trends of anti-corruption in the country.”

The event was well received by the university management and students and the management made it clear that MEC can conduct future events at the university. Chancellor of Danish University Mr. Hussaini highlighted that “the fight against corruption starts with academic centers and we are thankful to MEC for reaching out to the young students at this university”.

The two-hour session was concluded by responding to questions of the students and collecting contact information of the participants for future contact and information sharing.