MPs Call For Termination Of Parallel Institutions

mp callJanuary 01, 2019: Parliament rejected allocating a budget for certain institutions until procedures and discussion around these are wrapped up.

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) on Tuesday said that those budgetary units which parliament rejected to consider as independent institutions, will receive budget from those ministries under which they were operating previously.

Separate budget allocations will be considered for them once procedures for the formation of these institutions are wrapped up, said MoF.

This comes a day after lawmakers in parliament said that parallel institutions must be prevented.

Technical and professional training department, the department of families of Martyrs and Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), Afghanistan Central Civil Registration Authority (ACCRA) are among the departments which parliament said that are no longer independent budgetary units.

Parliament rejected allocating a budget for the above institutions.

“Budgets of these institutions will be spent by their previous institutions, the ministry of finance respects the decision of members of the national assembly and will implement them,” said MoF spokesman, Shamrez Khan Masjidi.

“It is time that these institutions are referred to parliament for more discussion,” said MP Fakoor Behishti.

This comes a day after lawmakers in Afghanistan’s parliament on Monday approved the national budget for the next fiscal year.

This year’s fiscal budget shows a 12 percent increase compared to last year’s financial budget.

In this year’s budget plan, the MoF has brought some changes to the budget, which includes non-allocation of funds for new budgetary units, prioritizing transitional projects and stopping allocation of operational budgets for some institutions.

Lawmakers approved the budget following one-month consultation and discussions.

The allocation of budget to new budgetary units was one of the main points under criticism by MPs.

The MoF said on December 19 that the balance of development budget spending by government’s budgetary units has surpassed almost 90 percent this year (2018), which shows a 23 percent increase compared to the same period a year ago.

The Finance Ministry has allocated AFs 399 billion for the 1398 fiscal year’s budget, 69 percent of which has been allocated for the standard budget while the remaining 39 percent has been allocated for the development budget.

According to the ministry, from the AFs 399 billion, AFs 275 billion will be allocated to the standard budget and the remainder will be put aside for the development budget.

Source: Tolonews