Corruption Impedes Afghan Forces’ Successes: Ghani

aug2017 309 AUGUST 2017: President Ashraf Ghani said at a conference that he will reduce his role in appointments within security agencies.
Corruption in general has hampered successes of the missions of the Afghan security forces in their fight against insurgents, says President Ashraf Ghani.


Addressing the first ever conference on the government’s campaign against the endemic corruption in security agencies, Ghani said that no one, including him, will interfere in appointments within security organizations.

“I want to reduce my authority in appointments day-by-day,” he stated.

At the conference security agencies signed an agreement with the Attorney General’s Office to fight corruption in security agencies.

“We decided to increase the food calories in our soldiers’ meals to 600 calories – higher than that of American soldiers, because they (Afghan forces) are fighting in a tougher situation. When I meet with soldiers, lieutenants and officers in different categories, I can see that they are sometimes not receiving the normal food they need,” Ghani said.

At the same event, the head of the National Directorate of Security, Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai said efforts are underway to prevent the infiltration of militants into government forces.

“We are paying serious attention to preventing the infiltration of the enemy into security agencies. We have arrested a big number of individuals and we have prevented this,” he said.

Meanwhile, other security heads said they are committed to fighting the endemic corruption.

“The relevant courts have issued orders with respect to 56 dossiers and 65 dossiers are under investigation,” said Tariq Shah Bahrami, the acting defense minister, referring to his efforts to fight corruption in the ministry.

“The Ministry of Interior is not exempt from corruption and we are tackling this challenge,” said Janan Barekzai, the first deputy minister of interior.

The Attorney General Farid Hamidi said the conference was an important event and a good step forward to fighting corruption in security agencies.

“This conference will make all security and defense forces responsive to the law, the system and justice,” he added.

Source Link: Tolonews