IEC Site Chief Resigns Amid Graft Allegations


17th September 2017:  Sources from the IEC said Qalamyar’s case will be sent to the Attorney General’s Office for further investigation.

A Site Operations Chief for the Independent Election Commission (IEC) Qalamyar, on Sunday told TOLOnews that he has resigned from his post and called for a full investigation into the allegations lodged against him.

Qalamyar was last week accused of asking a provincial IEC official for 500,000 AFs. In the days that followed, Qalamyar was suspended and according to the IEC the commission met on Saturday to discuss the situation.

On Friday the IEC said Saturday’s decision could result in Qalamyar being fired or having charges brought against him. But on Sunday IEC sources said the case will be referred to the Attorney General’s Office (AGO).

“The election commission’s reaction in this regard should be known. If we remain in an unclear position and wait for disclosures of issues by the people involved, then we cannot fight the different types of corruption,” said Yusuf Rashid, executive director of the Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan.

Qalamyar however told TOLOnews he had resigned from the IEC but rejected the claims and said he wants a full investigation into the matter.

According to sources, Qalamyar was reportedly taped while asking for the money.

Qalamyar has said the accusation against him is a conspiracy devised by the election commission’s head secretariat Imam Mohammad Warimach.

The Independent Election Commission however did not comment in this regard.

Meanwhile, a number of MPs also emphasized the need for a full investigation into the issue and said it must be cleared up and that the people should know what is going on.

“If the situation continues like this, then we will not have a transparent election. We will have an election full of problems, like those in the past,” deputy speaker of the Senate, Mohammad Alam Ezadyar said.

“If it is an accusation, then it should be proved that it was just an accusation. If it is not accusation, then it should be proved. A neutral team should be assigned to investigate the issue,” MP Hamida Ahmadzai said.

Qalamyar worked for the IEC for 10 years and was a site operations chief for the past four years.

Source Link: Tolo News