RS Launches Anti-Corruption Symposium In Herat

October 15

Date: 15 OCTOBER, 2017. The symposium was launched to share the experiences of government’s institutions in the fight against endemic corruption in public offices.

NATO’s Resolute Support (RS) mission in Afghanistan launched an anti-corruption symposium in Herat province on Friday.

At a ceremony in the province, the Afghan and foreign officials called on the international community to support the Afghan government in its campaign against the endemic corruption in public offices.
Resolute Support commander Massimo Biagini said at the event that “they have continued to move forward along the path that today they have launched the symposium to achieve their common goals”.

Herat governor Mohammad Asif Rahimi said at the event that corruption is dangerous as terrorism for the Afghan people.
“No doubt, the Resolute Support forces support our soldiers in the counterterrorism efforts and we also need to learn anti-corruption approaches because fighting corruption is difficult than combating terrorism,” said Rahimi.

Meanwhile, officials from a number of judicial institutions of Herat insisted on strong cooperation between judicial institutions and security forces.
“The cooperation between security forces and legal institutions will help us in secure justice and implement the law,” said Abulhaq Ahmadi, head of Herat’s appellate court.
“We hope that we will move towards a better Afghanistan by implementing proper plans, good understanding and by learning from the past experiences,” said Maria Bashir, a lawyer.

Article By: Tolonews