Parliament Probe Team Orders Ibrahimi To Repay 5 million AFs

04novemberNovember 04, 2017:Fact-finding team has reffered the case of the first secretary of parliament to the AGO and ordered the first speaker to repay millions of AFs.

The fact-finding team assigned to probe the corruption allegations against parliament speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi and parliament's first secretary Khodai Nazar Nusrat shared its findings in parliament’s session on Saturday.

Based on the team's findings and decision, Ibrahimi has to repay five million AFs and Nusrat's case will be handed over to the Attorney General's Office (AGO) for further investigation.

The task-team was assigned to probe the allegations following TOLOnews' 06:30 Report on corruption in parliament.

Based on the task-team's decision, Nusrat has also been suspended pending the outcome of the AGO investigation.

The head of the fact-finding team said they have not shared the details of their findings in order to preserve the respect and dignity of parliament.
“I have not read the details of the report in the name of the dignity of the parliament,” Erfanullah Erfan, the head of fact-finding team said.

MPs have however banned parliament's first deputy speaker and two other MPs from attending parliament sessions in the next two weeks.

Parliament's speaker agreed to pay five 5.3 million AFs, and his first deputy and MP Lalai Hiamdzai also showed their satisfaction with the fact-finding team’s findings and decision.

“I am ready to repay the money (spent on containers or walls) to preserve Afghan people’s dignity,” parliament speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi said.

“I only accepted parliament's decision because we had approved the commission to probe the issue,” parliament first deputy speaker Humayun Humayun said.

MP Obaidullah Barikzai and parliament head secretariat Khodai Nazar Nusrat however accused the fact-finding team of being involved in corruption.

“Mansoor had threatened me on the first day and on that day we understood what the result of the team will be,” said Nusrat.

Head of the fact-finding team Erfanullah Erfan however rejected the allegations.

“Nusrat if you have any documents against me, please show and announce to Afghan people. I am ready to go with you to the Attorney General's Office,” said Erfan.

A number of MPs however came out in support of Nusrat on Saturday.

“This decision against Nusrat is very aggressive and we do not accept it,” MP Arian Youn said.

“Following TOLOnews' report on corruption in parliament the issue was under investigation by the fact-finding team for one month,” MP Razia Mangal said.

Source: Tolonews