EU may halt corruption-stricken programs in Afghanistan: envoy

11novemberNovember 11, 2017: The European Union will possibly discontinue its aid programs in Afghanistan if it finds corruption in them, its envoy said.

Speaking in an interview with 1TV, Pierre Mayaudon, the new EU head of delegation to Afghanistan, said that EU “cannot tolerate their money to be lost or end in wrong hands.”

“Economic situation in Europe is good but it’s not fabulous, so it is a sacrifice also for the European taxpayers money to contribute, but they do it out of generosity and humanitarian sentiments,” he said. “If we identify cases of corruption, we immediately raise the issue and possibly discontinue the corresponding programs.”

According to the diplomat, corruption is present even in the elections, which he said could be devastating for the process.

He welcomed a new anti-corruption strategy adopted by the government recently.

“It is obviously too early to see the results, but we feel encouraged by this important new development,” he said.

Commenting on decentralization of power, Mayaudon said that decentralization without human resources and financial assets is an “empty word.”

“We don’t want that to happen in Afghanistan,” he said.

Source: 1TV