Govt Will Not Tolerate Any Interference in Judicial System: Ghani

12novemberNovember 12, 2017: Addressing the attorney’s forum in Kabul, the president said maintaining justice will also help boost efforts for sustainable peace in the country.

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday said government will not allow for interference in the nation’s legal and judicial system, and that more comprehensive programs will be introduced to make sure that justice is provided to the people at grass roots level.

He said that the legal and judicial institutions in Afghanistan are free and independent and that no one, including the president, should try to intervene in the justice sector.

Ghani made the remarks during the closing ceremony of the Fifth Afghanistan Attorneys Forum in Kabul which was also attended by some high level government officials including Afghanistan’s Attorney General Farid Hamidi and acting minister of interior Wais Ahmad Barmak.

Hamidi said that the security institutions should come up with the necessary security measures to ensure the protection of attorneys so that justice is implemented in the country.

“AGO requires relevant security Institutions to reinforce the attorneys protection to ensure justice across the country,” said Hamidi.

At the forum, Barmak also pledged to work with the AGO to implement reforms in the ministry of interior.

In addition Ghani said that maintaining justice in Afghanistan will also help boost efforts for sustainable peace but called the ongoing war in Afghanistan an imposed war.

“We are facing an imposed war and need to defend ourselves. Next year we will be in an offensive mode and our security forces are fully ready for it,” said Ghani.

Ghani also pledged to tackle the problem of illegal armed groups unless they lay down their arms.

In addition, he promised to increase funding to the Afghan legal and judicial system so that these institutions can leverage their legal performance in appropriate ways.

Ghani concluded that his government was firmly committed to fighting corruption.

Source: Tolonews