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MEC Committee Seek Cooperation in Access to Information

CEO 01On July 30, the Commissioners sought H.E Dr. Abdullah’s support in overcoming the challenge of lack of cooperation from specific government ministries and public institutions in the area of access to the required information.

In the 3rd committee meeting 2018, the committee met with H.E. Dr. Abdullah, the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The committee updated H.E about the mission and the committee’s engagement with the stakeholders during the mission.

The committee also provided H. E. update on the status of the upcoming 5 MEC reports that MEC will produce by the end of 2018. MEC committee informed H. E that MEC reports are mostly delayed because the level of cooperation with MEC’ research teams from some of the ministries and public institutions is low. Although there is commitment for cooperation on the ministerial level, MEC’s research team face challenges in accessing the required data and information that is needed for the assessment. This causes unnecessary delays in MEC’s work and hinders the required reform.

H.E the Chief Executive appreciated MEC’s work and thanked the commissioners for their services. He also instructed his team to help MEC’s research teams to overcome the challenges they face while collecting data and information in the public institutions.

Report By Najiburrahman Hamid

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