MEC Warns Of Corruption Vulnerabilities In Interior Ministry

MoI TolonewsFebruary 26, 2019: MEC report says there are vulnerabilities in the Ministry of Interior which will cause corruption if not addressed.
The Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (MEC) on Tuesday released its reports about corruption in the Ministry of Interior Affairs in which it covers the ministry’s procurement, logistics, and human resources departments and reflects corruption in these departments.

The report says there are vulnerabilities in these departments which cause corruption and that these vulnerabilities should be addressed.

The report, however, dose not have any figure, number or specific examples to show what the vulnerabilities are.

The report only highlights shortcomings in the procurement process, problems in recruitment and logistics.

“Our total findings reach to 75 of which 28 belongs to procurement, 12 to logistics and 35 others to human resources and human resources management. Also, we have made 74 recommendations,” MEC Chairman Bari Salam said.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs, meanwhile, said the vulnerabilities have been identified and that efforts are underway to fight corruption.

The ministry is now run by Major General Massoud Andarabi who was appointed as Acting Minister of Interior on February 11.

“The ministry’s leadership has identified the vulnerable sections and that there is a serious commitment in place to implement plans for bringing more transparency and offering better services in those areas,” said Nusrat Rahimi, a spokesman for the ministry.

MEC officials also said during preparation of the report, they have seen that some steps have been taken for fighting corruption, but more efforts are needed to overcome the problem.

Source: Tolonews