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40 MEC Proposals Fully Implemented in Judicial Organs

ago4followupJuly 29, 2019: KABUL - The Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluating Committee (MEC on Sunday said the government had fully enforced its 40 suggestions out of 50 in the judicial and criminal organs.

ACMEC released its fourth evaluation report about its suggestions implementation in judicial and criminal organs today.
Maiwand Rohani, secretary of the committee, told reporters that MEC released its first report in June 2017 and provided 51 suggestions for the judicial and criminal organs.

He said 40 of the recommendations had been fully implemented and progress had been made towards the remaining 10 suggestions.
Rohani did not provide details about the suggestions.
Samiullah Hilali, an advisor of the committee in observation and evaluation area, said that the Attorney General Office (AGO) recently reactivated its branches in 57 districts which had been closed due to security problems.

He said only six of 60 corruption cases involving senior officials had been referred to the Supreme Court for process.
Maiwand Rohani said increasing women’s employment, creating a formula for conflict of interests of prosecutors at AGO, creating a mechanism for addressing complaints in the AGO and increasing personnel in the top lawyer’s office were MEC suggestions which had somehow been implemented.
Correcting political curriculum science and Sharia faculty, reactivating AGO branches in unstable districts, addressing corruption cases of senior officials and assets registration of important personnel in the AGO were other suggestions of MEC which had been implemented to some extent, he said.

However, Rohani said cancelling membership of defense lawyers involved in corruption and building laboratory for forensic medicine in provinces were suggestions which had seen limited progress in their implementation. (Pajhwok)

Source: Outlook Afghanistan

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