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Report Reveals Corruption At Education Ministry

october 2626 Octber, 2017:The report says 75 percent of teacher training graduates are not being hired at schools due to corruption in the ministry.
A report by the Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (MEC) has found that the Ministry of Education has been plagued by corruption over the past 15 years.
The report shows that corruption is evident in the appointing of teachers, of supplying of textbooks, the paying of salaries to teachers, in the procurement process and the literacy training program.

The MEC report reveals that the challenges in the Ministry of Education are serious and need to be addressed.
At least 75 percent of teacher training graduates are not hired at schools due to corruption in the ministry, the report says.

“A student in Balkh wanted to shift from one school to another, her teacher and headmaster asked for bribe to process his recommendation,” a member of the MEC Jawed Noorani said.
The report has however made a number of suggestions including the following:
• Increase the role of local offices in the appointment of teachers
• Establish an independent office to oversee the quality of services at the Ministry of Education
• Establish an independent office to monitor the teachers appointment process
• Reduce the structure in the ministry of education in order to improve management
• Reduce the curriculum
• Implement the law and send cases of corruption to the Attorney General’s Office

“MEC recommends that to be a presidential decree to stop members of parliament and other significant people influencing directly in the Ministry of Education,” said Mac Paiman, member of the commission.
The acting education minister Assadullah Hanif Balkhi said some of the recommendations are not applicable in the current situation.
“Giving the authority of appointment of teachers to the civil society is not applicable in the current situation in Afghanistan,” he said.
The MEC has so far assessed the activities of eight government organizations including the Attorney General’s Office.

Article by: Tolonews

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