July 26, 2019: President Ashraf Ghani has appointed Walid Tamim, former head of Afghanistan Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, to two key posts in government despite the Attorney General’s Office says Tamim has three corruption cases under investigation at the judicial organization.

Legal experts said such appointments are contradicting rules and regulations in the government.

“No logic accepts that a person who is accused [of a crime] and his case is under investigation should be appointed [in government]. Based on Article 145 of the Criminal Procedure Code, such an individual cannot be appointed in any post,” said Arash Shahir, a lawyer.

“Anyone who is accused [of a crime] should first respond to those accusations. That person can be appointed to a post when he or she is acquitted [by a court],” the former governor of Kapisa, Mehrabuddin, said.

On July 25, Tamim was introduced to his new colleagues as the Deputy Finance Minister for Customs and Revenue by the Acting Finance Minister Humayun Qayumi.

Qayumi said in a tweet that based on President Ghani’s decree, Tamim was appointed as deputy finance minister until he receives his credential as the new Afghan envoy to New Delhi.

“There are dozens and hundreds of cases which might have political motives,” said Nasir Timori, a researcher at Integrity Watch Afghanistan.

Following his appointment, the Attorney General’s Office said Tamim has three corruption which are under investigations.

“A few cases from this person [Tamim] are under investigation at the Attorney General’s Office,” a spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office, Jamshid Rasuli, said.

Such appointments are often criticized by presidential candidates who say they are made for campaign purposes.

The Presidential Palace and Walid Tamim refused to talk in this regard.

Tamim was a close aide to Ghani in the 2014 presidential elections.

Source: Tolonews

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