Corruption is a National Threat to Peace and Prosperity

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Undeniably, corruption is a serious issue which not only deprives the country from many international aids but also block implementing national projects in Afghanistan. In recent days, the government has announced the Dastarkhan-e-Melli (National Food Table) but unanimously rejected by parliament due to widespread corruption in the country. The representatives of people in parliament say this plan is too big to be transparently implemented in the current corruption context. They emphasize that the enormous amount of allocated money for the plan can fund many national projects in the country while there is no guarantee for transparent spending in national project as well. In general, the administrative corruption is not only national threat to Afghanistan but also considered as mother of all problems in the country. It hugely increased the distance between government and people. It tremendously held back the economic growth and caused promotion of poverty in the country; it enormously demoted the culture of meritocracy but promoted the culture of despotism in the country.

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